Patio Covers Wilderville, OR

Patio Covers

We have been designing and installing patio covers and pergolas for homes and businesses for decades. We work with you get to get the most functional cover installed, including training on how to care for it.

Each patio cover project has unique characteristics and variables, including your budget. Our knowledge of available products and materials, along with our skills in building patio covers and pergolas, allow us to make sure your project benefits with a qualified product to accomplish your outdoor living goals.

There are many types of patio covers we offer, including insulated or translucent panels that provide weather protection. Pergolas provide shade and beautiful architecture over a much heated back yard.

Patio Cover Services

Check out the list of patio cover services we have to offer:

  1. Free Estimate
  2. Custom Installation & Design
  3. Free Replacement Quotes
  4. Damaged Material Removal
  5. Emergency Storm Damage & Insurance Work