Screen Room Enclosures Wilderville, OR

Screen Room Enclosures

Your Backyard Getaway

There is something special about rising early to greet the new day and spend a quiet hour enjoying the serenity and beauty mother nature has to offer. Our screen enclosures offer the perfect environment to capture these special moments.

Adding a screen enclosure to your home isn’t just a home-improvement, it’s a lifestyle improvement. A lifestyle that becomes the focal point of activity – A sunshine filled place where everyone feels more comfortable and more peaceful. We have everything you need to create that special place – quality materials, expert workmanship, and a transferable lifetime warranty.

Screen enclosures are economical and quick to install. Each enclosure is custom designed and built to suit your needs. The aluminum framing and baked-on finish is impervious to the elements, ensuring against corrosion and warping. Whatever activity – reading, visiting, or dining — a screen enclosure provides a unique bug-free outdoor living space to be enjoyed – rain or shine, day or night.

Screen Room Enclosures
Patio Room Enclosures

Interested in adding a screen room, patio room, or a sunroom to your home? We can do that!

Some homes already have a roof over their patio. Adding screened in walls is a great option. Some homes need the patio cover and the floor. Every project is unique.
A patio room has a solid insulated roof with thermal pane operating windows in place of screen walls. Patio rooms are warmer and are definitely part of the inside of your home. The difference between a sunroom and a patio room is a sunroom also has a glass roof.

To help figure out which option works best for your home, call 541-479-5943 to schedule an on-site visit. We offer free estimates.